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Advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal

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It is easy to find these hair removal systems in beauty centers, clinics and even hairdressers. And hair removal technologies keep getting better. Girls and boys born today will not have to worry about when they reach their teens by the hair of tomorrow.

But what to choose: photoepilation or laser hair removal?

The difference lies in the type of light used. We could make the simile that laser hair removal is a sniper of the pilodo follicle while photoepilation (pulsed light) is a bombardment of the area.

Laser hair removal is much more precise and it is more difficult for damage to occur. But it is not suitable for all skin types. Black skin for example cannot benefit from this technology, nor is it effective with gray hair or with very fine and light hair.

Photoepilation (Intense Pulsed Light or IPL) is more versatile. Suitable with good results for any type of skin. Its main drawback is that it can cause more burns and irritations. In this case it is especially important that an experienced and well-trained person apply it.

It is a curiosity that photoepilation is actually a term that would encompass both types of hair removal (laser and pulsed light), although it has become popular to call pulsed light and differentiate it from laser.

The vice president of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology , José Carlos Moreno, explains that the areas in which the thickness of the skin is less , such as groin and armpits , the waves of the rays emitted by the laser are more effective , although also more painful, because they reach the deepest roots of the hair.

On the other hand, it is less effective in the zones of hormonal influence , such as the chest, lumbar area and thorax of women and the back of men.

In any case, although the difference is always noticed, this system does not guarantee the complete disappearance of the hair. It depends a lot on the area to be treated and the person, and not only on the number of sessions. Although it varies greatly depending on the person and the area to be treated, as a general rule, an average of five sessions spaced from one to three months are usually received.

Laser hair removal in general has few side effects if you take into account the medical history of each person (laser hair removal treatments must be controlled by a doctor and managed by health technicians or ATS) and avoid sunbathing at least fifteen days before and after treatment.

Possible risks of laser hair removal

In principle, “the greatest risk of the laser is a slight burn and also changes in the color of the skin , that is, dark or light spots may appear ,” says Sofía Ruiz del Cueto, member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME ) and collects El Mundo.

There is also the so-called paradoxical effect that can cause hair to sprout in the areas adjacent to the treated one.

You have to be especially careful with groin and armpits. The area around the eye should not be laser depilated. It is also not advisable to undergo this type of hair removal if you are very tanned. Pregnant women should not do it either.

But there are bigger risks. Juan Ruiz Alconero, a doctor at Corporación Capilar, explains that “its possible risks are the intolerability of the preparation and, in the case of applying it in very large areas, it may be that part of the anesthetic reaches the bloodstream, but it is something truly rare.” Extreme cases that call, for example, the name of methemoglobinemia , a disease in which hemoglobin loses the ability to transport oxygen to tissues.

According to a study on the aesthetic habits of Spaniards published in 2008 , regarding permanent facial hair removal, waxing triumphs on the legs, which 90% of women wax. In the armpits the hair is removed, especially at home, with wax, blades and razors and they are taken care of by 85%. For English it is more common to go to a specialized center and the preferred method is photoepilation , although only a minority do it.


Discover the 5 advantages of soprano laser hair removal

1. Speed

Unlike other types of laser hair removalWith this you will see very good results from the first sessions, up to 70% less hair. If you need a quick solution this is one of the best options. In addition, the sessions last less, for the legs only 45 minutes, unlike others that usually take about 2 hours.

2. Less pain

If pain scares you, with laser hair removal you have nothing to fear. The sessions are not painful , in fact, you do not need any type of anesthesia and you can even join your usual activities from the first moment, such as going for a walk, returning to work. You can also  sunbathethe next day without noticing any type of burning. Also you do not suffer any type of burn, stain or sequel on your skin.

3. Efficacy

When almost all the follicles are destroyed, the hair falls out forever . In just 8 sessions, up to 90% of the hair disappears. A waxing that allows you to forget about your hair forever. Ideal for people who lack time, who have jobs that expose their skin and want to show off perfect skin all year round.

4. Versatility

This hair removal is effective on all skin types, even the most tanned and the most pigmented. In addition, it is suitable for any thickness of hair. It is also very effective in removingmale hair , thicker and darker than women’s. So this method is highly recommended if you want to get laser hair removed.

5. Waxing in summer

Unlike other waxing, this can be done in summer without any problem. If summer has caught you and you want to wax with a 100% effective result for not only the remainder of the season but forever, the best option is soprano laser hair removal. And you can take sun sessions the next day.

In any case, comment in your beauty center all your doubts before undergoing a waxing, if you are or think you are pregnant, if you have a pacemaker, if you take medications or other issues.

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