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That is why in this article we explain all the differences and benefits in the comparison of email marketing vs. marketing automation. If you want to know which of these two digital marketing techniques best suits the type of business you have, its nature and its objectives, we invite you to continue reading. Let’s go by parts.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital communication strategy that belongs to the category of direct marketing. We can define this technique as the mass sending of emails to contacts or a previously prepared database.

It is one of the tools most used by many companies, since the value it can bring to your business can be very high. Emails are not only essential for the growth of a business. What’s more, we venture to affirm that today it is impossible for a business to prosper without sending emails.

Therefore, the objectives of this technique are various : from attracting new customers, to strengthening ties with current ones or even interacting with contacts.

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing can help you increase the authority of your business, because well applied, it will be of great help to make yourself known. In addition, it will improve your image because it will position you as an expert in your sector in the minds of your clients. But there is more .

Next, we show you the benefits of an email marketing campaign:

  • Conversion. A properly executed email marketing campaign can achieve very high conversion rates. To do this, it is necessary to draw up an adequate strategy in which the high value of the content or offers that you will communicate to your audience must be highlighted. Correct design of the sales funnel layout is also essential.
  • Personalization. This type of campaign, although by its nature it is massive in nature, allows establishing personalized communication in the campaigns. The receiver, in this way, will receive an exclusive dedication that will increase the probability of final conversion.
  • Immediacy. Receiving an email is practically instantaneous. Therefore, through an email marketing campaign, you can communicate offers and promotions almost immediately .
  • It keeps you on the mind of your customers. There are times when a customer stops being a customer simply because he forgets you exist. But with a well-articulated email marketing campaign, thanks to the receipt of emails, you will remain in the mind of your client and they will come to you every time they need your services.
  • Promote upselling. Perhaps you already have loyalty to one of your clients with a certain service, but thanks to the sending of a newsletter, you will be able to show them the rest of your services, promoting upselling in this way.

4 email marketing tools

  1. It is a tool that offers a free plan that allows the sending of emails to an unlimited number of contacts but with a limit of sending. Specifically, 300 a day or 9,000 a month.
  2. Perhaps Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool. It has a free plan that allows the sending of 12.00 emails per month. The payment plan is starting at $ 20 per month.
  3. This email marketing tool is characterized by its simplicity and the attractiveness of its designs. It has a free plan, but the paid ones start at $ 13.99 per month.
  4. This tool seeks to provide a global response to all the needs of digital marketing, including email marketing. Its main advantage is that, in the plan, it is possible to have an unlimited number of contacts .


What is marketing automation?

Although marketing automation originally emerged as an email marketing tool, today it is considered an independent technique .

Until not long ago, when designing large email marketing campaigns, many actions had to be carried out manually. But with the development of new technologies, companies, when devising and planning their campaigns, try to reduce as much as possible the human errors that may arise. And that is possible thanks to marketing automation.

Therefore, we can define this technique as the area of ​​digital marketing that aims to automate processes and repetitive actions within the strategy of a campaign. Marketing automation is a technological platform that allows to establish personalized communications to transform leads, streamline the procedures related to the digital marketing campaign and measure its results.

An example of marketing automation is the emails we receive notifying us of receipt after a shipment or after filling in a form.

Benefits of marketing automation

Automating digital marketing can bring many benefits to any type of business. Here we show you the most notable ones.

  • Time reduction. With marketing automation it is possible to achieve a reduction in the times of the workflows that a marketing campaign requires. This is possible thanks to process automation, which simplifies the process and the efficiency of shipments.
  • Cost reduction. Marketing automation involves robotization that is not compatible with human labor. In other words, workers’ time is not needed once the campaign is designed and automated. And that implies a reduction in costs that, for example, can be used for other needs.
  • Monitoring and measurement. One of the great benefits of internet marketing consulting services is that it allows control of all campaign actions in any of its phases with high precision. In addition, it is possible to access data and statistics to be able to measure actions and make decisions to correct or reinforce the details of the campaign as deemed necessary.
  • Audience segmentation. Thanks to the previously developed database, it is possible to automatically segment shipments based on different factors. Several of them can be the sociodemographic profile, the behavior when receiving shipments or other types of preferences. Thus, for example, it is possible to send a newsletter or a certain type of content to those clients who have a higher click rate or to adapt the content to each of the users.


4 marketing automation tools

  1. For many, this American company is the most important in the marketing automation sector, since apart from being the pioneer, it is a very powerful and complete tool. The only drawback is its high price.
  2. It is a very popular option among small and medium-sized companies, and widely used by bloggers. Its great advantage is the simplicity it offers users when creating and executing campaigns.
  3. The main characteristic of this software is that it is designed by marketers, and not by computer programmers. For this reason and what it entails, it is one of the favorite options of many users.
  4. This tool works only for B2B companies, and that have between 10 and 500 employees.

Conclusions (pros and cons)

In the comparison of email marketing vs. marketing automation there are pros and cons that have to be carefully analyzed to bet on one of these techniques or the other. They both rely on email to nurture the audience for content or to direct them to your website. And, although they are complementary, sometimes you will have to bet on one of the two.

For example, in marketing automation you can control all the digital interactions that the potential customer may have with our business. While, through email marketing, it is only possible to control the actions of the campaign recipients.

So if within your digital marketing strategy, you prioritize the monitoring of your potential customers, it is better for you to bet on automation.

But sometimes this automation can feel robotic and therefore less personal. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to use it effectively . For example, if your campaign does not require a personal approach, automation is advisable. In addition, for this automation to be effective, you will need to already have an effective lead generation system . And, on the contrary, if you need more proximity in your campaign, you should bet on email marketing.

Another factor is time. If you don’t have it, automation may be a good solution for you . But if you have time, email marketing may be a better option.

As you can see, there is no concrete answer to which technique is more effective in the comparison of email marketing vs. marketing automation . However, we hope that after reading this article you will be more clear about which one you should bet on. Now it’s up to you to decide the one that best suits your needs!


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